the life & death exchange | october into 5777


This is life right now.

This is the hybrid fantastical.

Begin by   walking outside.

Open your mouth.


When the rain fills

Only then              will you heave

a repulsion of inauthentic energy

eager to capitalize on this particular season.


Give it a whiplash gif.

Face the gravel, the tar, the ground, the earth.


From the mouth

all liquid-like fluid gravitates into

predictable waterfalls of bottled turquoise.

into rivers of gestured azul.


This is how the sun follows.

To beings like this

it becomes innate.

We leisurely refract this and every autumnal scour

with equal abrasion                            for the giving.


Only then

will fuschia flood.

Only then

will blood red.  


Elizabeth Mariani



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